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View our curated metals catalogue. We offer the most liquid Coins and Bars available on the market for buying and selling, while being able to offer competitive pricing. We will continue adding more variety as long as you can receive the best rates from PMCEX.


The long-standing history and desirability of gold is undeniable. It’s arguably the most valuable and coveted of all the precious metals.


As the most affordable of the precious metals, silver is a common choice for investors and first-time buyers looking for a reasonable entry point. Best of all, there’s no counterparty or default risk.


Platinum’s history as a precious metal is relatively young. However, its importance to astute investors continues to grow in modern times. Its beauty, ageless luster and scarcity all give it a special status as a precious metal. Browse our platinum bars and coins now.

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The most reasonable price & easy purchase ever

I recently bought a gold bar from PMCEX. They offered the most reasonable prices I could find, making it an affordable investment option. The entire buying process was incredibly easy and quick, from selecting the gold bar to completing the purchase. What impressed me the most was their responsive customer service- whenever I had a question or needed assistance, they were there to help. I highly recommend PMCEX 👍🏼

Jay S.

Hassle free, quick and simple

Overall, I highly recommend PMCEX as a precious metals dealer. Their quick customer service, low wholesale prices, and no added fees make them a reliable and trustworthy choice for anyone interested in precious metal investments.



PMCEX stands out with the most reasonable prices compared to other gold dealers. I loved their educational articles, which helped me learn a lot about precious metals and investing. & responsive customer service :)

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