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The Frustration of Traditional Precious Metal Platforms

Complicated Prices, Clunky and Outdated Sites

With PMCEX, experience a user-friendly online marketplace that offers transparency, simplicity, and competitive pricing. We're here to help you navigate the world of precious metal investment with expert resources and a seamless process. With us you get:

No Extra Fees

We hate transaction fees too, stop letting them pass on credit card fees to you at checkout.

One Straight Forward Price

You don't need a spreadsheet table telling you 9 different price points. They love advertising the "As Low As" price, never the true price.

Low Shipping Costs

Get one low rate, and always fully insured. We're keeping your purchases affordable, so that you can afford more.

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The most reasonable price & easy purchase ever

I recently bought a gold bar from PMCEX. They offered the most reasonable prices I could find, making it an affordable investment option. The entire buying process was incredibly easy and quick, from selecting the gold bar to completing the purchase. What impressed me the most was their responsive customer service- whenever I had a question or needed assistance, they were there to help. I highly recommend PMCEX 👍🏼

Jay S.

Hassle free, quick and simple

Overall, I highly recommend PMCEX as a precious metals dealer. Their quick customer service, low wholesale prices, and no added fees make them a reliable and trustworthy choice for anyone interested in precious metal investments.



PMCEX stands out with the most reasonable prices compared to other gold dealers. I loved their educational articles, which helped me learn a lot about precious metals and investing. & responsive customer service :)

Our Promise

What sets us apart

We believe buying and selling precious metals should be simple and easy, no matter the quantity or size.

Advertised pricing at checkout


No extra charges on any order size


Flat rate shipping (Fully Insured)


Wholesale prices



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Understanding Premiums over Spot: A Comprehensive Guide to Precious Metals Pricing

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Understanding the Benefits of 1oz Bullion Coins vs. 'Fractional' Coins

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ResourcesThe Basics of Sales Tax on Precious Metals in California

The Basics of Sales Tax on Precious Metals in California

Sales tax is applicable to certain types of precious metals and provides information on the specific categories that fall under taxable products. These include nonmonetized bullion, monetized bulli...


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